Saddle Up, Cody!
Draft Plan Review


We are excited to announce that we have developed the draft Saddle Up, Cody! Active Transportation Plan which is now ready for you to review!

This project is in the third and final phase of the planning process, in which you can review the concepts and recommendations in the plan. In the earlier phases, we heard from you about your concerns and explored the active transportation toolbox to see what might work well in Cody.

We extend a huge thanks to the hundreds of Cody residents that provided input via an online survey, open house, mapping workshop, or a focus group meeting! We listened to you and have used your input to create this plan.

The vision of this plan is that: Cody offers the freedom for everyone to move around the community on safe and accessible sidewalks, pathways, and roadways.

Please review the full draft plan and proposed network map via the links below.

Please provide comments on the draft plan via the comment box below.

Extra special thanks to the Active Transportation Planning Committee representing That Other Project, the City of Cody, Wyoming Department of Transportation, Park County Public Works, Park County School District, Cody Canal District, and residents. These dedicated individuals met four times to discuss the big picture vision and goals and the nitty gritty details of concepts. HDR Engineering, Inc. provided professional consulting services throughout the project.

In consultation with an Active Transportation Planning Committee, the Plan will:


Review existing data about demographics, traffic safety, and land use


Engage members of the public and stakeholders to solicit input


Identify an Active Transportation Network for the City of Cody


Provide recommendations for types of active transportation facilities


Prioritize projects for implementation


Identify sources of funding for future projects

Saddle up, Cody!